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Sell items online

Sell items online and start earning with your own WebPage and E-Shop.

Your products will be featured in the associated magazine and online.

No IT skills needed, we do all the work for you.

How it works

We do not charge any commission on sales. We provide the website and catalogue for you to promote your items for sale. We refer buyers to your E Shop for you to collect payment through your own PayPal (WPS) account (get an account with PayPal here). You have control of all transactions, including shipment, and can decline or accept orders as you see fit.

To this end we are constantly promoting the shop in print and online with press and advertising campaigns. We also produce a printed catalogue in which your items will be featured.

To get started simply subscribe via the buttons below and decide on the name for your shop. Send us a brief profile about yourself and your craft, up to about 50 words and include a picture if you wish. Send images of the items you have for sale, and a description of each item, together with their prices, inclusive of UK shipping. We will then set up a web page which will be your shop window.

Craft Maker is part of the MagnetWeb which has over 750,000 users every month, and a web link from the online Directory is sure way of making buyers aware of your work.

Use the button below to join by PayPal. If you have any questions Tel 020-7813-0677

Membership for a WebPage/E-Shop

Presenting up to 10 items for sale
Price: £22.50 for one quarter
Then £7.50/month until cancelled

12 months Domain Name Subscription Extension

If you would like a domain with 12 months hosting for your webpage and/or e-shop.
Price: £25.00 for 12 months
Preferred Domain name

To unsubscribe

If you wish to unsubscribe, click the button below:

Once you have subscribed send us your product images with prices and specifications.

You make the goods - We make the sales. 365/24

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